You can sign up

  • · as an individual (€ 250,-) or as a group € 1.500,- ex VAT)
  • · with an FCEV or without

If you sign up alone we will try and match you with a team. If you have no vehicle we will try and match you with an owner of an FCEV.

Team matching

This is something we do since we the last challenge for the city of Nijmegen. It is not for everybody, but some teams are open to taking an outside driver. We will introduce people on the basis of first come first serve, but allow both parties to ‘claim’ no match. Then we introduce the next individual driver, or next team. If we are not able to get a match for the individual driver, we will refund the registration 100%. If you sign up as a team with free seat, we will give proceed to give a discount after you confirm an individual match.

Car Matching

For teams without a car, we try and mediate with organizations that want to make a car available. Sometimes the owner will charge for use of the vehicle. Costs may vary, take into account a post of € 500-750 ex VAT.


Driving on hydrogen is currently a bit more complicated than fossil or battery electric driving. You need various fuel cards in different countries and at different operators. The organization can provide a set of fuel cards that allow you to refuel in Denmark, Germany and the Benelux. In Switzerland and Austria you can pay with a debit or credit card. For the fuel cards that we provide you, you will pay a deposit of € 250. The deposit will be settled afterwards with the actual costs. 10 refuellings will cost about € 500,-

To summarize, a team challenge can cost up to € 2.800. As an organisation we offer all these options because

  • · we found that participants have different needs;

we are not a travel or a rental company, we just organise a great game about hydrogen and mediate between those seeking a vehicle and those offering one. We give no guarantees – but we also do not charge for the matching process.

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