About Swagelok

Swagelok is a privately held developer of fluid system products, assemblies, and services for the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, semiconductor, and transportation industries. Headquartered in Ohio, U.S.A., Swagelok serves customers through 200 distribution centers in 70 countries, supported by the expertise of 5,500 corporate associates at 20 manufacturing facilities and five global technology centers.

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Our Mission

Hydrogen is a megatrend which is followed by Swagelok for almost a decade now. We believe in this technology and therefore our fleet cars are fuel cell cars only. Swagelok provides EC79 compatible products for use in hydrogen on-vehicle and infrastructure applications like tube trailers, compressors or electrolyzer systems. From tube fittings, automatic tube bending, assembly-by-torque fittings, all metal hoses, ball valves, regulators or complete customized panels, Swagelok offers a wide range of products and services.

Our Strategy

At the 2021 24hours H2 Challenge we are participating with 3 teams of authorized Swagelok distributors from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. To demonstrate that you achieve the biggest goals only together WITH your customers, our team consists not only of Swagelok employees but customer representatives too. All team members are highly motivated to participate and are looking forward to be seen on the roads of Europe.



Testimonial von Swagelok Austria

Zusammen mit der Firma EDC-Anlagentechnik GmbH haben wir voller Begeisterung und Freude an der «H2 Challenge» teilgenommen. Dabei haben wir uns die Chance nicht entgehen lassen, unseren Kunden Fronius zu besuchen. Mit Fronius konnten wir bereits in den vergangenen Jahren unsere Geschäftsbeziehung aufgrund gemeinsamer Projekte stärken. Da Fronius mit Ihrem «Solhub» Wasserstoffanlagen umsetzt, waren sie von der Idee der «H2 Rally» so fasziniert, dass sie in Zukunft selbst daran teilnehmen möchten. Eine aktive Präsenz in den sozialen Medien hat ebenfalls dafür gesorgt, dass viele weitere Geschäfte mit Neukunden entstanden sind.

- Swagelok Austria, Mai 2021


EDC, Fronius, Swagelok Austria

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