Gasunie is an energy infrastructure company. We manage and maintain the infrastructure for large-scale transport and storage of gas.  At this moment, it mainly consists of natural gas, but the energy transition will increasingly bring about a shift towards green gas and hydrogen. 

There are three pillars in our strategy:  

  1. Optimizing the value of our existing assets by ensuring a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable gas infrastructure. We minimize our costs while maintaining our license to operate. And we facilitate of our customers with our infrastructure. And we want to repurpose our assets by making them future proof. For example: the LNG terminals we are currently developing will also be made fit for possible hydrogen import in the future.  
  2. Strengthening our leading position as cross-border gas infrastructure company in Europe. We want to contribute with efficient gas infrastructure and services to a properly functioning European natural gas and LNG market.
  3. And third, making the transition towards more sustainable energy use possible. We have the ambition to do this with several sustainable energy carriers: heat, green gas, CO2 and hydrogen. 

Gasunie operates as a linking pin between production and demand. Our midstream business is within gas transport, gas storage and LNG import infrastructure. Even though we are currently experiencing a shift from ‘traditional’ fossil fuels to renewable energy, the core of our business and our leading principles as an energy infrastructure company remain the same.

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