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PARTicipants Dutch 24 hour Hydrogen Challenge - 30/31 october 2020

Van Dorp Installaties
Hogeschool Vives - studenten
Thomas More / Hyundai
Burcht-IT & DeepOrange
Aannemersbedrijf Van Wijlen B.V.
NMi certin B.v.
H2 Connectors
TSG Netherlands BV
ROC Midden Nederland
Hogeschool Vives - docenten
Air Liquide 1
Air Liquide 2
Air Liquide 3
Air Liquide 4
Provincie Zuid-Holland
HyET Hydrogen
Frames Group


Participants German 24 hour Hydrogen Rally - 28/29 september 2020

Impact Coatings AB (SE)
Weiter mit Wasserstoff - H2Bz (DE)
Avenergy Suisse (SW)
Team BtX (DE)
H2allo Swagelok Switzerland (SW)
H2allo Swagelok Austria (AU)
H2allo Swagelok Stuttgart (DE)
hydrogenial4 - Daimler Truck Fuel Cell 1 (DE)
ConFueled Cell Drivers - Daimler Truck Fuel Cell 2 (DE)
Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers - Daimler Truck Fuel Cell 3 (DE)
The H-Team - Daimler Truck Fuel Cell 4 (DE)
The Hydrogeneers - Daimler Truck Fuel Cell 5 (DE)
Team HY - Daimler Truck Fuel Cell 6 (DE)
Hy-Speed Team - Daimler Truck Fuel Cell 7 (DE)
Starship H2 Enterprise - Daimler Truck Fuel Cell 8 (DE)


Registration for German 24h Hydrogen 2020 is not possible anymore.


Our team is a community consisting of the WS group, located in Renningen near Stuttgart and RWTH Aachen University. We are four female engineers whose work is particularly focused on research, combustion technology and sustainable hydrogen production. As the new generation engineers we take the opportunity to participate in the “German 24-Hour Hydrogen Rally” driving the car of the WS group founder, just having fun on the road and spreading our…

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