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How to achieve points

Classic Challenge

  • each droven kilometer
  • each hydrogen refill
  • each visited Landmark and completed task

Check https://demo.elektricitijdrit.nl/e-vents/deutsche-wasserstoff-challenge for the rules of the 1st German Hydrogen Rally.

Creative Challenge

  • write a beautiful blog - 250 points +bonus 
  • post a nice video - 250 points + bonus
  • post a remarkable photo - 250 points + bonus

The jury will award bonus points for each creative category:

  • 1st prize: 1.000 bonus points
  • 2nd prize: 750 bonus points
  • 3rd prize: 500 bonus points

You can earn to a maximum of 3 * 1.250 = 3.750 point with the Creative Challenge!


What abour your route? It's completely up to you! The only restriction you have is to arrive at the finish in due time! Arrive too late or too early? That will cost you points!

  • arriving over 30 minutes too early: 500 penalty points
  • arriving between 30 en 15 minuten too early te vroeg aankomen: 250 penalty points
  • for each minute too late: 100 penalty points


What will be your strategy?


Equipe: uitgelicht

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