Hyet Hydrogen

HyET Hydrogen is a leading SME in the field of electrochemical hydrogen processing technologies. The company’s headquarters is located in Arnhem, the Netherlands and is operated by an experienced interdisciplinary team. Our mission is to reduce compression and purification costs of hydrogen to facilitate affordable prices for end-users. Since 2008 we have been developing electrochemical hydrogen compression and extraction technologies that enable our clients to build reliable and cost-effective hydrogen storage and transport systems.

Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressors (EHC) of HyET Hydrogen B.V. reached commercial maturity in 2016. EHC systems are being built for high pressure storage across an array of applications, for instance refuelling stations and power to gas applications. The available capacities of EHC systems range from 2 – >5,000 kg H2/day. EHC systems are static devices using Proton Exchange Membranes for compression and are the most advanced alternative for conventional mechanical compressors. The operational benefits of EHC technology will deliver the bottom-line values throughout the complete Hydrogen Supply Chain. Once widely applied as hydrogen compressor, hydrogen extractors and purifiers, the hydrogen production cost (EUR/kg H2) will be reduced by more than 30%.

HyET Hydrogen is part of the HyET Group which offers a wide range of products and services including light-weight PV Solar foils, low-cost technologies for green and blue hydrogen production and efficient carbon-capture technologies. These technologies foster the large-scale implementation of renewable and decentralised energy infrastructures.

The 24h Hydrogen Challenge is an excellent opportunity for HyET to showcase the importance of reliable and low-cost compression technologies to accelerate the use of hydrogen as a reliable energy carrier in the mobility sector. We are therefore proud and grateful to be one of the teams that are dedicated to set a new distance record in order to show the potential of FCEV as the best way to decarbonize transport & mobility.


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