First impression of German 24h Hydrogen Rally 2021

First impression of German 24h Hydrogen Rally 2021

Monday 13 september 2021 twelve equipes started at the Hilton Hotel in Stuttgart while two other teams started at the Swagelok HQ in Vienna. We spotted a lot of participants that took part for the third time.  

During the Rally the teams are looking how to achieve as much points as possible. They earn points for driven kilometers, refuelings and completing tasks on specific location. But their main goal is creating awareness for hydrogen mobility. They earn also points for making video's, photo's and blogs. 

We have a small impression below: on your favourit social media you can search for hashtag #24h2challenge.


When we started in 2017 we were glad that participants wrote an article. Nowadays that won't be enough to win the prize for the best blog. Teams make full reports from the back seats:




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