Creative Challenge - first impression

One of the tasks of the participants of the German 24h Hydrogen Rally is to make blogs, photo's and video's and post it on their social media channels with #24h2challenge. Well creative they are!

Category Best Blog

Instead of blogposts some teams created a complete website:

They also set up Twitter- and Instagramaccounts for this occassion or made complete impression on their business accounts


Category best video

Here's a first selection (random order):

  1. Team NOW or never: they are overtaking - Twitter
  2. Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers - practicing takeoff at home - Twitter
  3. Team NOW or never: Did you know most stars are mainly made out of hydrogen? - Twitter
  4. Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers - Bernds Favourit Car - Twitter
  5.  Team NOW or never: Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy - Twitter
  6. Confueled Cell Drivers - Doing a Rohrschach Test - Insta
  7. Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers - Goodnight
  8. Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers - First Shell station with liquide hydrogen!

Category best photo

In random order:

hyperforming yoga 1

Team NOW or Never - HyPerforming Yoga - Twitter


Weiter mit Wasserstoff is also inspired by yoga - Instagram


Sunset - Team H2allo Swagelok Austria (via ElektriciTijdrit)

mhlenfaehre 800

Mühlenfähre - Team Swagelok Stuttgart (via ElektriciTijdrit)

visiting a farm 3

Visiting a farm - Team BtX (Via Whatsapp)

creative points checking

Checklist - Team Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers (blog)

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