Winner of German 24h Hydrogen Rally 2020 is Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers

And the winner is....

All participants of the German 24h Hydrogen Rally 2020 have been finished! They have had a very nice experience! 

The winner is...

The aim of the 24h Hydrogen Rally is to show the world the possibilities of driving on hydrogen. All participants are ambassadors now.

But the Hydrogen Rally is also a strategic game and in the end there's one winner.

Points German 24 hour Hydrogen Rally 2020

 EquipeFuel StopsKilometersPoints 
Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers 13 1894 8369  
Weiter mit Wasserstoff 14 1834 6114  
ConFueled Cell Drivers 11 1275 5700  
BtX 6 1741 5366  
H2allo Swagelok Stuttgart 20 1684 5359  
The H-Team 9 1692 5287  
hydrogenial4 13 1635 5260  
The Hydrogeneers 12 1982 5087  
NOW or Never 13 1529 4982  
Team HY 14 1426 4861  
Team Impact Coatings 4 1340 4525  
HyPerformer 9 1395 4425  
Starship H2 Enterprise 7 505 2880  
H2allo Swagelok Austria 7 1012 2767  
Avenergy Suisse 3 706 2066  
H2allo Swagelok Switzerland 6 568 1730  
Hy-Speed Team * 11 1612 -1018  

 Source: ElektriciTijdrit

* Hy-Speed Team ended in minus points for being late (100 penalty points per minute). That's a pity as they were doing great. But being back in time is an important factor in this game.

Congrats to all participants!

Thank you for your enthousiastic participating. Hope to see you next year. Stay safe!

 dedicated fuel cell drivers

#1 Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers - Mercedes GLC F-Cell

weiter mit wasserstoff

#2 Weiter mit Wasserstoff - Toyota Miraiconfueled cell drivers

#3 Confueled Cell Drivers - Mercedes GLC F-Cell

The numbers

  • 4 different nationalities of participants
  • 12 years - oldest participating car (Mercedes B-Klasse F-Cell)
  • 17 teams
  • 24 hours
  • 172 refueling stops (average 10 refuelings/team)
  • 541 claims for points
  • 1982 km - longest distance (team The Hydrogeneers)
  • 23830 driven kilometers (average 1.401 km/team)
  • 73760 points
  • uncountable number of views on social media

Special circumstances

We are living in special times... Friday 25 september we received the news that 3 areas in Austria were risk areas according to the Robert Koch Institut. That had big impact for the Austrian team: they weren't allowed to start in Germany. So we created the first Austrian 24h Hydrogren Rally: Team H2allo Swagelok Austria started in Bregenz - Austria (at the Bodensee with view on Konstanz (Germany). They finished at the Hofburg in Vienna. 

Via Teams they could participate in the briefing in Konstanz and the award ceremony at the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart.

The Rally

Briefly: teams can earn points for driven kilometers, refuelings, visited countries and completed tasks on specific locations (Classic Challenge). Further they can earn points for the best blog, best photo and best video (Creative Challenge).

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