Landgoed 't Stort start and finish 24H2 Challenge 2022

With 24H2 Challenge we want to show that driving on hydrogen is an excellent idea. That is why we are happy that we can start at a unique location. It is also the location of the central finish. Right next to the busy A12 is an estate that radiates tranquility: Landgoed 't Stort.

This estate is also home to Twinning Energy. It is the first office accommodation in the Netherlands to have its own hydrogen filling point.

rondje nl met resato 78

It is also special for other reasons: Villa 't Stort was built in 1903 in a chalet style. The rooms at the back of the house have a beautiful view of the romantic pendulum pond. The house has undergone many renovations and was even used by the NOS until 2005 as the official home of Sinterklaas.


Amersfoortseweg 9
3951 LA Maarn

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