Our team is a community consisting of the WS group, located in Renningen near Stuttgart and RWTH Aachen University. We are four female engineers whose work is particularly focused on research, combustion technology and sustainable hydrogen production.

As the new generation engineers we take the opportunity to participate in the “German 24-Hour Hydrogen Rally” driving the car of the WS group founder, just having fun on the road and spreading our message.

While moving with the energy of the future our goal is to draw attention to the production of green hydrogen from biogas. Producing green hydrogen from biogas by steam reforming and using it for electric mobility is efficient and ecologically worthwhile (in addition to hydrogen electrolysis). The high number of biogas plants in Germany provides decentralized hydrogen sources. We believe that this innovative technology can keep us mobile and take us one step closer to cleaner air in cities and a sustainable energy transition.

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jana sentko julia schneider linda giesler anuscha zeighami

Jana Sentko

Process engineer, “Biogas to Hydrogen” and lean gas combustion plants (WS group)

Julia Schneider

Engineer Research and Technical Sales (WS group)

Linda Giesler

Research associate/PhD student at RWTH Aachen University, Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering

Anuscha Zeighami

Student “Sustainable Resources and Energy Supply B.Sc.” at RWTH Aachen University


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