Frames Group is a Dutch company that has built a tremendous foundation of knowledge and experience in the field of gas- and fluid processing. Frames grew big in the oil-, gas- and petrochemical industry and is developing sustainable alternatives for over a decade.

Complete biogas plants and Co2 capture and utilization systems are among the portfolio of Frames but also a full range of hydrogen related products and technologies.

Frames designs, builds and delivers systems based on PEM technology for local generation of hydrogen. A standard, modularized design, or fully designed as per customer specifications. Compressions and storage can obviously be included. For large scale storage and distribution of hydrogen Frames works with Hydrogenious to build the installations that are required to bind hydrogen to the innovative technology of LOHC. Finally, Frames possesses the knowledge and experience to treat hydrogen in case of underground storage or to design the systems that are required for (inter)national distribution networks.

For Frames, the 24h Hydrogen Challenge is not only a platform to gain exposure and network. We see this challenge as a way to showcase our relentless drive, commitment and energy. And why not have some fun along the way as well!

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