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“Frontrunner in hydrogen for mobility”

Air Liquide has committed to become the main sponsor of the 24 H Hydrogen Challenge that will take place for the 6th consecutive year. It is a real pleasure for us to see many enthusiastic teams willing to drive modern hydrogen fueled cars that don’t emit any pollutants!

What is Air Liquide?

Air Liquide is an International Group with a presence in more than 80 countries around the world and with a sales figure of over 22 billion Euros. Our company is a world leader in the production and distribution of all kinds of gases destined for the industrial, electronics and healthcare sectors. By embedding our innovation activities in the world's largest economic regions, we aim to serve our customers as locally as possible and work with them to advance processes. After all: Our customers' success is our success!

Our hydrogen mobility team is at the forefront of hydrogen and technology and focuses on production, storage, distribution and engineering as well as the construction and maintenance of hydrogen filling stations! We know the "well to wheel" chain like no other. Together with our customers, we are working towards a greener and cleaner world. We supply blue and green hydrogen with the aim of rapidly increasing the share of green. Our customers drive passenger cars, buses, trucks and sail on inland waterways and seagoing vessels. We work with strong partners in the oil, gas and energy sectors, but also have our own hydrogen distribution points. .

What do we want to achieve?

As the largest player in H2 for mobility in the world, we have just started in the Benelux market to promote acceleration in hydrogen for mobility.

Experiencing hydrogen as a new form of zero-emission mobility is just the start and we have already  built the first public filling stations for this purpose. In our future strategy we will focus on supplying molecules and filling solutions for heavy duty vehicles (HDVs), buses, ships, and slightly less on the passenger car market. These are the markets where we have the greatest impact on the environment.

In Germany, we are part of a large consortium which is already operating 85 HRS, this number will increase to 100 by the end of 2020. In the coming years, this will be further expanded to 400 stations. In the Benelux, too, we will be building new stations.

Our ambition is great, but we're not going and we are not going to do it alone, nor do we want to. We are looking for reliable and experienced partners who can help us achieve our goal of supporting and participating in large-scale implementations.

We therefore look forward to meeting you as hydrogen enthusiasts for the 24h Hydrogen Challenge.


Diederick Luijten
Vice President Hydrogen Energy NW Europe and CIS countries 




Our team is a community consisting of the WS group, located in Renningen near Stuttgart and RWTH Aachen University. We are four female engineers whose work is particularly focused on research, combustion technology and sustainable hydrogen production. As the new generation engineers we take the opportunity to participate in the “German 24-Hour Hydrogen Rally” driving the car of the WS group founder, just having fun on the road and spreading our…

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